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Cleans Better, Dries Faster and We'll Prove It!
1. It Cleans Better
- You may have heard that "club soda" gets stains out really well. True, carbonation lift stains and dirt better.
- Our efficient process only requires about one fifth of the moisture that steem cleaners use.
- Our machines spin around to clean all sides of every fiber of your carpet.

2. It Dries Faster
- Because our process clean better with less moister your carpets and upholstery will dry in 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days!

3. It Stays Cleaner Longer
- Carbonation works better to loosen stains and break up dirt but it also leaves no soapy residue.
- No dirt attracting residue means you won't have to clean your carpets as often which saves you time and money!

4. It's the environmentally safe and healthiest way to clean
- No harsh chemicals. Natural products are safe for kids and animals.
- No wet carpet pads which can be a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.
- Bottom line... Drier Is Healthier.
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  • Lifts Stains & Dirt Better
  • Stays Cleaner Longer
  • Drys Quicker 1-2 Hours
  • No Mold or Mildew from Wet Carpet Pads

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