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Local Merchant
Local Merchant
Local Merchant

Do you do have a local business?

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Due to an increase in demand for inviations, there is currently a waiting list for new invitations.
New invitation requests will be handled in the order they were received.

Invitation Requirements

Local Merchant
  • You must have a local business.
  • Our visitors are looking for local coupons, so your Coupon-Page must include at least one coupon at all times.
  • We must be able to confirm your business name and address.
  • Web-only businesses are not eligible.
  • Your CouponPage will be listed in the area around your Zip Code, so be sure to include your Zip Code. Requests without a Zip Code are not eligible.
  • Multiple locations are allowed. Each location will have it's own listing in the zip codes closest to each location.
  • You must fully fill out the request form so we can verify your request.

    Check your inbox for a confirmation email. You must click the link to confirm or your application will not be considered.

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If I am Selected, what do I get?

For a limited time, new registrations will automatically get a complete CouponPages listing, plus many CouponMail features


Includes these features...
  • A FREE Coupon-Page just for your business, listed in your area, for one full year.
  • No Strings Attached. No cost. No hidden fees. No obligation to renew at a higher price. No commission. No cost per coupon. No kidding.
  • Enter up to 6 coupons and text by using a simple template.
  • An unlimited number of customers may request your coupon.
  • No per-coupon Fee, commission or cost.
    Why should a web site take a share of your sales?
  • A simple login and password to change your coupon page with just a few clicks. No web / HTML skills needed.
  • Upload your logo and up to 5 photos of your business per address.
  • A link to your Web Site, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Space for one YouTube Video
  • Upload a PDF of your menu, or link to your own web menu site.
  • Every time a customer requests your coupon, the coupon is emailed to them immediately via CouponMail. As they do this, they are automatically added to your email subscribers list.
  • NOTE: While there is no limit to the number of customers that can request your coupons and join your list, only paid accounts may "Blast" bulk coupons to the customers on their list. Don't worry. When you are ready to send bulk email. It's super easy... Just one click... and it's very inexpensive.


Features include...
  • Free accounts let customers request coupons on demand when they find your coupons on CouponPages.
  • Upgrading to a Premium Account for only $25 per month gives you additional capabilities.
  • Premium Accounts Can upload their existing email list for no additional fee.
  • Premium Accounts get a promotional package that includes in-store displays.
  • Premium Accounts get a custom URL such as CouponMail.Com/Petes, which allows your customers to go directly to your page. This custom URL can be put on menus, stickers, business cards, web sites, etc.
  • Premium Accounts can send bulk email to their entire list every week, no matter how large the list.
  • Premium Accounts also get many other benefits, such as a concierge to manage your hand written signups and the ability to track responses.
  • Premium Accounts can pre-pay for 1 year and get 3 MONTHS FREE.
    That's 15 Months for only $300!
This video gives you a complete overview of the benefits of Premium CouponMail Accounts.