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Terms and Conditions
WHEREAS, CouponPages.Com is providing to the User certain rights to place content on the CouponPages.Com web site, the User agrees to the following rules and restrictions.

Posting Merchant Coupons

1. G-Rated Content: All content posted by the User must be non-offensive and must be suitable for display to the general public. This includes any text, images, audio, video or links to conent on other web sites.

2. Right to remove or edit content: Any posted content that violates these terms is subject to editing or removal without notice. If you feel that the content should not have been edited or removed, you have the right to request a review of the content before your account is reviewed for termination. If your account is terminated for violation of these terms, you will be given an opportunity to post suitable content.

3. All sales are final: There are no refunds. If your ad is terminated due to violation of terms or you decide to terminate your listings before your expiration date, your account will retain a credit which can be used to run a future ad.

All Partners / Independent Sales Representatives
Confidentiality: All Partners / Independent Sales Representatives must also abide by our non-disclosure agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

WHEREAS, CouponPages.Com is providing to the User certain confidential information in documentation form, computer products, and intellectual property, and/or file data, (all of the above hereafter referred to as "Materials") for purpose of review, analysis, testing, manufacturing and/or other permitted use by the User, and CouponPages.Com desires to protect and preserve any and all confidential and proprietary information to be disclosed to the User; NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants and agreements herein, the User agrees for the period of seven years from the date of each disclosure hereunder, as follows:

1. CouponPages.Com shall provide the Materials to the User for use as provided herein. CouponPages.Com may disclose to User either orally or in writing, certain information contained in which CouponPages.Com believes is confidential. Materials as used in this Agreement shall mean the information of CouponPages.Com (including the items described above) which is disclosed to User pursuant to this Agreement by accessing this website. Materials shall include, but not be limited to, trade secrets, know-how, inventions, techniques, processes, algorithms, software programs, schematics, designs and business information.

2. The Materials are and shall remain the proprietary Materials of CouponPages.Com.

3. No right, title, and/or interest (including but not limited to patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets) in the Materials will pass to User by this Agreement.

4. User will keep confidential and prevent and protect the contents of the Materials, or any part thereof, from disclosure by its agents or employees to the same extent that it protects its own confidential information; SPECIFICALLY IT WILL NOT MAKE COPIES OF THE MATERIALS. User will have no obligation of confidentiality as to Materials which, without breach of any restriction here or otherwise, are in the public domain, are independently developed by User, or are already in User's possession prior to disclosure by CouponPages.Com.

5. User understands that its copying or unauthorized disclosure of the Materials will cause CouponPages.Com to sustain significant damages, and CouponPages.Com's remedies at law may not be adequate, in which case CouponPages.Com may seek injunction or other equitable remedies.

6. User agrees to use the Materials only for its own internal review, analysis, testing, manufacturing and/or other use specifically permitted by CouponPages.Com herein.

7. User, at its expense, shall return all Materials to CouponPages.Com, upon demand by CouponPages.Com, within at least 14 days of notification by CouponPages.Com to User.

8. This Agreement shall not be construed to be an agreement to license CouponPages.Com's Materials, to engage CouponPages.Com or the User to perform any work or supply any Materials, which shall be the subject matter of a separate agreement.

9. Independently of any other remedy limitation hereof, and notwithstanding any failure of the essential purpose of any such limited remedy, it is agreed that in no event shall CouponPages.Com be liable for special, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind under this Agreement or resulting from User's use of this website or any information or material contained herein, even if advised of the possibility of such damage. The material provided to User hereunder is provided as is, and CouponPages.Com makes no warranties as to fitness, merchantability, or intellectual property rights.

10. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia, excluding that part of Georgia law that governs conflict of laws.

11. If User breaches any of its obligations under this Agreement, CouponPages.Com shall (without limiting its other rights or remedies) be entitled to equitable relief including but not limited to injunctive relief, since the unauthorized use, disclosure, distribution, or transfer of the Materials or confidential information will cause CouponPages.Com irreparable harm and User stipulates that CouponPages.Com's remedy at law would not be adequate.

12. It is expressly agreed that clicking on the box stating "I Agree", shall have the same force and effect as if the parties had signed this agreement.

It is expressly agreed that clicking on the box stating I Agree, shall have the same force and effect as if the parties had signed this agreement.